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To explore and develop advanced process modules and architectures for their potential to improve HBT performance.


Quasi self-aligned HBT
featuring collector
cavities with 290 GHz

WP3 is dedicated to “advanced and novel SiGe HBT process modules and architectures”. Next to the evolutionary scaling of self-aligned selective epitaxial base HBTs in WP2, advanced and possibly revolutionary process modules are further developed and characterized in WP3.  Focus is on the development of device architectures that have shown promising initial results. They address key aspects of the HBT in the areas of advanced and novel collector isolation, profile optimization, and emitter/base architectures. The results on advanced/novel collectors and emitters will be presented to WP2 for their possible integration. The advanced emitter/base architectures will be benchmarked against the self-aligned selective epitaxial base transistor architecture used in WP2 in order to provide the direction for future process enhancements.


Work package leader: IMEC

Partners involved: IMEC, IHP