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WP4 is dedicated to “compact modeling and device characterization”. This work package is in charge of setting up the methodology to accurately characterize transistors and to provide models that are valid and usable for circuit design all the way to 500 GHz.



  • Experimental characterization of active and passive devices for (i) model and methodology verification, (ii) for process development, and (iii) device simulator calibration.

  • Identification of shortcomings of existing compact models and methodologies for parameter determination and high-frequency (h.f.) measurements for a 500GHz process.

  • Research and development work on (i) novel compact transistor model formulations, (ii) novel and suitable test structures and de-embedding techniques for advanced h.f. devices, and (iii) novel/improved methodologies for compact model parameter extraction.

  • Delivery of accurate compact model parameters for circuit design and for evaluation of compact model quality through comparison between measured and simulated circuit performance metrics.

High-frequency on-wafer probing

Work package leader: IMS

Partners involved: ST, IFX, IMS, TUD, UN, UPS, XMOD, GWT