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The objective of the workpackage is to direct the advanced process development and modeling (WP1,2,3) towards the next-generation of mmWave and THz applications through benchmarking and verifiable prototyping.

WP5 is dedicated to “application and technology benchmarking”.

The benchmarking circuits will be designed and tested versus the various HBT improvements proposed by the technology partners. WP5 will provide the definition of selection criteria for industrial use and builds up the indispensable design expertise to spur economic growth in emerging mmWave and THz markets. It provides the guidance and road-mapping for future business to strengthen the European competitiveness in new electronic applications with socio-economic relevance, e.g. communication, safety, health-care, environment, and security applications.


Work Package leader: UoW  

Partners involved: IMS, JKU, IFX, UoS, UoW