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WP2 results for the year 3

ST : The BiCMOS technology BiCMOS9MW was the baseline technology for STs developments in DOTFIVE. A first shrinking phase on the high speed HBT in BiCMOS9MW led in the first year of DOTFIVE to a 260 / 350 GHz fT / fmax technology, called B3T. Using still a conventional double-polysilicon self-aligned selective epitaxial base HBT, the subsequent shrinking phases have provided wafer average values of 422 GHz for maximum oscillation frequency together with 283 GHz for transit frequency.

IFX : In DOTFIVE various improvements on IFX’s SiGe HBT technology B7HF200 have been performed. The technology features a conventional double-polysilicon self-aligned selective epitaxial base transistor and is used for example in automotive radar applications at 77 GHz. The improvements were new transistor layouts with tighter design rules, a reduction of emitter window width, a shallower collector, SiGe base profiles with an increased Ge fraction, as well as the exchange of the TiSi by a CoSi silicidation module. The new SiGe HBTs have provided a ring oscillator gate delay time of 2.4 ps together with a maximum oscillation frequency of 380 GHz and a transit frequency of 240 GHz.