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WP2 ‘s results for M18

The first silicon based technology at Infineon which has been qualified for automotive applications at 77 GHz according to AEC-Q100 standards is called B7HF200 and offers a transit frequency up to 200 GHz, a maximum oscillation frequency up to 250 GHz and a ring oscillator gate delay time of 4.0 ps.

Several improvements on B7HF200 have been performed for further performance enhancements. These improvements were new transistor layouts with significant tighter design-rules, a reduction of the emitter window width and the emitter base spacer width as well as more aggressive SiGe base profiles with 30% Ge content together with a reduced collector thickness. The fabricated SiGe HBTs have a collector emitter breakdown voltage of 1.45 V and a collector base breakdown voltage of 5.7 V. The high frequency transistors provide now a transit frequency of 220 GHz, a maximum oscillation frequency of 315 GHz and ring oscillator gate delay time of 3.0 ps.