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WP2 ‘s results for the year 1

  • STs SiGe HBT technology has reached transit frequencies fT and fmax of 260 GHz and 340 GHz respectively, which outperforms the initial project objectives for the first phase (300 GHz fmax).
  • Using the new phosphorus doped emitter module and a low thermal budget process, a record transit frequency performance of 410 GHz has been demonstrated by ST
  • SiGe HBTs providing an fT of 200 GHz, an fmax of 300 GHz and a minimum gate delay time tD of 3.3 ps have been realized together e.g. with high voltage transistors exhibiting breakdown voltages of BVCB0 = 15 V and BVCE0 = 4.3 V. (IFX)
  • The first year circuit building blocks have been fabricated in IFX technology and delivered to the WP5 partners UoW, JKU, and IFX.