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General description

ALMA Consulting Group SAS is an Operational Management Consulting Company of which the Innovation Department, settled both in Lyon and Paris in France, is specialized since 1994 in the engineering and coordination of collaborative, both national and international, R&D projects.

ALMA Consulting Group owns a recognised expertise in the management of collaborative projects (since 5th FP) in the DOTFIVE thematic, taking in charge of the day-to-day (operational) project management. For close to fifteen years, ALMA Consulting Group, thanks to its collaboration with R&D consortia, has developed specific and original knowledge and methodologies in the management of partnerships to support them efficiently in the achievement of their objectives.

The Innovation Department consists of 300 employees (consultants and administrators) with graduated engineer and/or PhD background with complementary training in marketing, technology transfer and project management.


Quentin Lebourgeois

Alma CG

55, Avenue René Cassin

Case Postale 418

69338 LYON

Cedex 09

+33 (0) 4 72 35 80 30

Role/activity in the project

Under the responsibility of the Coordinator, ALMA will lead the contract management activities, supporting both the General Assembly and each individual partner.

ALMA will be responsible for the following:

  • Respect of the contractual frame (including an advisory role on the relationship between the consortium and the EC)

  • Management of the consortium agreement and necessary updates

  • Promotion of internal communication, including the organisation of contractual meetings

  • Assistance in defining the strategic orientation of the project with respect to objectives of the project, interests of the participants and their contractual rights and obligations

  • Assistance “as neutral partner” in decision making and conflict resolution

  • Identification of deviations and necessary corrective actions (for both financial and technical matters)

  • Advising the coordinator about the transfer of funds  

ALMA will also be a permanent contact point for the Coordinator and the project participants on administrative and financial matters.  

People involved in the project

Quentin Lebourgeois is consultant in the Innovation Department and he is specialised in European R&D projects in FP6 & FP7. His experience includes setting-up of numerous projects in ICT, Transport & NMP themes, and experience in organising and working with large partnerships (>25 European partners). Quentin Lebourgeois is also working on the management of the DOTFIVE project ( as day to day contact point for the project and quality manager. Mr. Lebourgeois is a telecommunication and electronics engineer; he started his career at TDF (French telecommunication provider) in 2006, as project engineer for the setting up and the management of national and European projects in the ICT areas. He joined ALMA in 2007.


Patricia STASKO-KUDELKA is an administrator in the Innovation Department of ALMA Consulting Group. Her experience, since 3 years, is the management of contractual and financial aspects in the setting-up, negotiation and coordination phase of the European projects. She works on the NMP and ICT thematics in FP6 and FP7 Integrated Projects with both industrial and academic partnership. In DOTFIVE project, on one hand, she will be responsible for the optimisation of the grant, costs follow-up and financial reporting, and on the other hand she will be working on all legal and contractual management. Mrs. Stasko-Kudelka has a Natural Science master degree and worked shortly in the International Department of Regional Directorate of Water Management.

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